Defining Compressor Direction from Pre-Orders

As we've announced, we're moving forward in developing a universal compressor that can work across ETC1 and BC7, and have most recently started looking at ASTC as well. For an in depth look into our experiments in this direction, you can check out Rich's blog.

It's become increasingly difficult to balance compressor work with the contract work we do, and we have gotten several companies who have come forward with specific needs, willing to pay to accelerate their features as well as pre-order the product.

Therefore, we're announcing that our development direction will take prioritization from the pre-orders and accelerated feature requests we receive.

We can't say much else until some of these pre-orders get finalized, but we do want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to request features before we decide a direction!

Just a few potential directions we could go in:

  • PVRTC + DXT (iOS and most desktop/consoles)
  • Just highly optimized DXT (basic desktop/console support)
  • DXT + BC (including 7) + ASTC + ETC (most mobile and high quality graphics support on desktop/consoles).
  • Prioritizing features like GPU transcoding

If you know you can pre-order the product and have features you want supported, contact us at .