Binomial is a company making Basis, an image/texture compression product used by video games, video streaming services, virtual & augmented reality, mapping applications, and more. Founded in 2016.

Basis is made to fit seamlessly into pipelines that already use GPU image formats— depending on which product you choose, greatly improving compression speed or image storage size & performance. For pipelines unfamiliar with GPU compression, it can drastically improve performance as the GPU is suddenly freed up. Formats like JPEG are uncompressed on GPUs, meaning we’ll get that image 6-8 times smaller on the GPU. Try our product out!

We're a small business committed to serving our customers well and we take pride in our products. Feel free to reach out any time to schedule an initial conversation at . We’re happy to extend an evaluation so you can try the product for yourself before committing.

You can also keep posted with updates through our Google Group.

Products in the Basis suite

RDO (rate distortion optimization) codecs: These codecs provide you with excellent storage size, great for improving performance and reducing the download size of apps.

RDO ETC1-2 (mobile)

RDO BC1-5 (desktop and game consoles)

SIMD codecs: These are perfect for when compression speed is what you need. Useful for reducing build times as well as compressing textures at runtime.

SIMD BC7 (high quality desktop and game consoles)

Proud leader in image compression standards, spec editor for texture compression at the Khronos Group


Our Customers

Binomial was founded by Stephanie Hurlburt and Rich Geldreich (On Twitter @ sehurlburt & richgel999).