Binomial is Stephanie Hurlburt and Rich Geldreich (On Twitter @ sehurlburt & richgel999).

We're a software company based out of Seattle, WA (but happy to work with anyone worldwide!).

We're building a texture compressor. You can learn about the compressor here, GPU transcoding here, and sign up for Google Group updates here. If you're interested in pre-ordering, get in touch!

We love VR/AR, games, engines, C++, graphics, compression, mathematics, optimization, hardware prototyping. We can design and build games/apps, focus on cracking one tough problem, or build tools to make everyone else's life easier. We love building software as well as having a deep understanding of the tech it's built on.

Improving our community is also very important to us-- we're happy to hear about how we can help events or projects related to this.

We love getting to know more people and hearing about exciting tech. Feel free to reach out!