Binomial is a company making a texture compression product.

Texture data is everywhere, in almost every software application you use. Our goal is to make one texture compressor for all relevant GPUs, and to make one of the best texture compressors on the market-- in terms of quality, speed, and compressed size. By improving this aspect of the software development pipeline, we can open the doors to all kinds of innovations and new applications in VR/AR/MR, science, games, and any application that uses image data.

If you are interested in such a product or would like to request certain feature support, please e-mail us at . You can also keep posted with updates through our Google Group.

Want us to help on your project?

To fund ourselves while we get the compressor off the ground, we take contracts in C++, engine work, game development, VR/AR/MR, and more.

Most recently, we helped with the launch of Intel's innovative and exciting Project Alloy headset.

Binomial is Stephanie Hurlburt and Rich Geldreich (On Twitter @ sehurlburt & richgel999).