Announcing Development on a New Texture Compressor

We want to announce development on a new GPU lossy texture compressor. The encoder will be closed source, transcoder open source. Our new compressor will support a custom, tightly compressed intermediate format that can be quickly decoded to any GPU-friendly texture format.

The compressor will have several quality vs. speed settings, so it'll be usable on a desktop but can also scale up to cloud deployment.

Unlike anything out there now, it'll also support all relevant mobile and desktop GPU texture formats in a single library.

As many developers know, the need for this compressor is high. It's crucial for any application that cares about sending texture data over a network quickly, and universal GPU support means the developer never needs to worry because the library will "just work" independent of platform.

If you're interested in watching for updates, have any feedback or feature suggestions, or would be interested in getting in on the alpha/beta releases, feel free to watch this blog or e-mail us at with "New Texture Compressor" in the subject line.